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JCH Light is the exporting and manufacturing arm of the lighting fittings and is a subsidiary company to J.C. Haggipavlou & Son Ltd. Founded in 1974 in Cyprus, the organization today has become a respected supplier to hundreds of satisfied clients all over the world. The organization has built partnerships in an ever-expanding number of Countries making it the leading exporter of lighting fittings in Cyprus. The exporting arm JCH Light Ltd., was established to fully satisfy the needs of our distributors, project managers and agents wherever they may be. With state-of-the-art technology, an ISO 9001 accreditation of high standards, logistics expertise, and years of exporting knowledge, JCH Light makes it as smooth and borderless as possible for our global partners to conduct business with us.

JCH Light offers new, value-added services making the organization unique in its activities. Specializing in the design of luminaries, calculation design, lighting consulting, marketing actions and other customized services allow for strong long-lasting relationship to build with our prospective clients. JCH Light has incorporated an expanding policy and is always interested in new potential business opportunities in all regions of the world.

Mission statement

To become the foremost lighting fittings manufacturer available with an international standard of quality worthy of our clients’ expectations.

Company history

Our history talks about our great experience.
  • 1967: J.C. Haggipavlou & Son Ltd. begins operations under a different name in electrical contracting and the supply of electrical installation materials.
  • 1974: J.C. Haggipavlou & Son Ltd. is founded. The company immediately begins operations locally and across borders.
  • 1975-1994: J.C. Haggipavlou & Son Ltd. establishes itself as the leading supplier for lighting fixtures in Cyprus and in the Middle East.
  • 1995-2001: J.C. Haggipavlou & Son Ltd. develops its electrical and engineering division as well as its export division.
  • 2001: J.C. Haggipavlou & Son Ltd. is awarded the ISO 9001 Quality Certificate.
  • 2004: JCH Light Ltd. is founded as the exporting arm of J.C. Haggipavlou and Son Ltd. in an effort to offer value-added services in a more flexible manner than traditional manufacturers.
  • Markets covered

    JCH Light Ltd. has projects in the following regions: Middle East, Former Russian Bloc, Mainland Europe, Eastern Europe and North Africa.

    Third party information

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