Case Study 1

Decorative outdoor light

Client Brief

The client came to us with an irregular request. Specifically, the client required the use of a customized decorative outdoor light that would be used as a wall washer reflecting light both upwards and downwards. With a restricted budget and strict specifications the client had doubts as to whether the project could be carried out.

JCH Light Solution

JCH Light had many internal meetings and brought in a number of specialists to assist in finding a solution for the challenging project. It was decided that the best possible solution was to eliminate all options before making a final decision, despite the fact that this would take many man-hours and research. This, it was mentioned during a late night meeting, “would be best for the client, since we might be able to cut some extra costs for them”. After carefully selecting a number of samples from various manufacturers, and after several meetings with the client, we concluded that the only way to satisfy our client’s needs was to design and manufacture a custom made light fitting that would qualify the specifications and standards (CE marked and with EN approvals) and would simultaneously be within the budget and style required. The project was completed successfully.

Project pictures

Picture 1

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