J.C. Haggipavlou & Son Ltd

J.C. Haggipavlou & Son Ltd was founded in Cyprus in 1974 and operations began both nationally and overseas since that time. Between the years of 1975 and 1994, the company established itself as one the leading suppliers of lighting fixtures within Cyprus and operated also throughout the Middle East in various projects. In 1995 the company established a corporate division also in exports as that field was becoming evident that had a lot of growing capacity. In 2001 JCH was accredited the ISO 9001 certificate and in year 2004 JCH light ltd was founded specializing in the export markets.

Contact information for J.C. Haggipavlou & Son Ltd

Email information

Information: info@haggipavlou.com

Postal information

J.C. Haggipavlou & Son Ltd
Industrial Area Nissou Dhali
2540 Nicosia, Cyprus
P.O. Box 23514

Phone information

Tel: 22815888
Fax: 22488066
International Code for Cyprus is +357

Worldwide partners

jch light ltd and J.C.Haggipavlou and Son Ltd have established a wide range of partnerships throughout the world. Some of out partners include:
ABE Elettronica BEGA Corinex Mazda Nautel Salicru
We are currently looking for contacts in Jordan, Libya and the UK. Interested parties please contact us.
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