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JCH Light is the exporting and manufacturing arm of the lighting fittings and is a subsidiary company of J.C Haggipavlou & Son Ltd. Founded in 1974 in Cyprus, the organisation today has become a respected supplier to hundreds of satisfied clients all over the world. The organisation has built partnerships in an ever-expanding number of Countries making it the leading exporter of lighting fittings in Cyprus.

Our strengths

Our knowledge and know-how distinguishes us from the competition. This is due to our extensive experience in our field. Following is a list of these distinguished features:
  • Extensive knowledge of the worldwide manufactures.
  • Ability to supply the best product at the best prices.
  • Excellent logistic support.
  • Lighting calculation support and design; 3D as well as complex lighting design.
  • Well qualified staff.
  • World wide experience.
  • Outstanding customer service.
  • Solution provider through extensive knowhow.
  • Local Assembly: we produce and assemble different products.
  • Quality Control: monitored by experts in this field.
  • Offer OEM products: JCH light has been established in 2004 in cooperation with J.C. Haggipavlou & Son Ltd. JCH light also operates in the area of international trading with well established contacts in China , the U.S and Europe.
  • JCH light has been established in 2004 in cooperation to J.C. Haggipavlou & Son Ltd specializing in providing commercial lighting fixtures for medium and large scale projects. JCH light also operates in the area of international trading with well established contacts in China and the U.S.

    Case study 1: Decorative outdoor light

    Client Brief: The client came to us with an irregular request. Specifically, the client required the use of a customized decorative outdoor light that would be used as a wall washer reflecting light both upwards and downwards. With a restricted budget and strict specifications the client had doubts as to whether the project could be carried out.
    JCH Light Solution: JCH Light had many internal meetings and brought in a number of specialists to assist in finding a solution for the challenging project. read more...

    Case study 2: Hotel Chandelier

    Client Brief: An existing client of ours required the supply as well as the installation of a customized 6 meters high chandelier for the entrance of their hotel. Due to the size of the chandelier they required well qualified personnel to mount the chandelier from the 6th floor of the building in the atrium.
    JCH Light Solution: A JCH Light designing consultant took over the planning of the project. All the variables were taken into account in order to be sure that the chandelier was the correct size, weight and design. read more...

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