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For optimum infrastructure


The strength of JCH Light lies in its dedication to its world-wide partners and value-added services it offers to them. Following is the list of JCH Light services. Contact us for more information.


Architects, designers, electromechanical consultants and others use our consulting services on various occasions, and have managed to optimize the bill of quantities for various projects. The result….very satisfied customers!!! The consulting services usually cover big projects, such us hotels, industrial plants, roadworks and may more.

Lighting Calculation design

JCH Light engineers use specialised state-of-the-art software and are well trained to do the most difficult and demanding lighting calculations. In this way, the customers get the best and most accurate lighting calculations, and light uniformity in the area.

Design of lighting fittings

Designing of lighting fittings is the key to the success of the company. Thanks to the experience and the dedication of our research and development team, JCH Light can design new products and manufacture them upon request. The engineers work in close contact with the customers to identify specific requirements to inspire the development of new products, applications and manufacturing solutions. JCH Light is constantly seeking new opportunities and will respond to the most difficult of challenges.

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